DD Cassiere Live + Reading

19.01 - 21.29
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Denis Cassiere - Italian Bluesman and Songwriter, touring the World since 2 years, well known in the underground European Blues scene as Blues Jesus. 
His intimate concert is a great chance to listen one of the most promising voice of Modern Blues, the 'last hobo', whose style has been compared to Tom Waits, Jim Morrison, Nick Cave and who will be soon playing in Little Sister Blues Festival 2018. 
Dont miss this great experience to meet and listen his magic electric slide guitar and his travellin stories.
After the concert will follow the reading of few poems in Italian with simultaneous transation in Czech.

After playing abroad, particularly in Germany, Poland, in 2012 published Multipolar Vol.I digital version on ITunes, then on CD in August 2013, sold-out in September and reprinted on February 2014.

The new album Supernova has been released on May 2014 on digital formats. On November of 2014 published together with Aghia Sophia The Bagpipe of Vice and the band toured extensively in Italy and recorded and released digitally DD Cassiere & Aghia Sophia Live at Radio Wuonz - Rome May 2014.

On 2017th Cassiere recorded with Slow - Fi records his 4th L´Urlo Di Uccello - sold out in Turkey and Iran - and is currently touring worldwide.

Cassiere is the author of music and lyrics, arranger, as well as player of all the instruments played in the albums.

He is the author of poems and short stories.

Three of his poems have been published by Cerabona within the 2005 edition of the prize Carlo Levi. During his concerts you can enjoy listening to the reading of some of his compositions embroidered inside the atmosfere of essential music blooms from the band.

Denis Cassiere is the author of many of the paintings presented by the art collective created in the multi-purpose Sarda ‘s Man Studios. Since September 2013 the connection between the artist and the project Aghia Sophia explicited in the activity of live as well as of that of creation in the studio itself.

‘DD Cassiere and Aghia Sophia is a calabrian trio of brilliant primitive rock and blues , calibrated and violent ,

raw and haunting, sensual and shy sounds.

The oxymoronic band contains all the components equally spaced of the blaze of intuition and the softness of touch, offering condensed delight performances, intense moments of pathos and transversal paths between musical and literary. It ‘s a project of artistic and cultural revolution through the lyricism of the theater, the main lines of imaginative literature and painting, as well as of course a register of breathless sounds of extensives and innovative colors’


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