Eugene Ripper (Canada) punk folk, acoustic rock n roll

20.00 - 22.00
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Canadian punk rock survivor and fast folk pioneer Eugene Ripper returns (A)VOID Floating Gallery for to perform songs from his new album "Fast Folk Underground 5 " and other favourites.

Eugene Ripper Music
Eugene Ripper is a Canadian punk rock survivor, fast folk pioneer and rock n roll songwriter. From his roots with first wave punk pranksters Stark Naked and the Fleshtones and throughout an enduring solo career featuring a mashup of punk, folk, roots and rock n roll, Ripper continues to nail it down with his unique vibe - all well represented on his new album “Fast Folk Underground 5 "

Ballad of The Hangman

Thought I saw her
Vincent’s Lament (Go Van Gogh)

Matador from America

Tech Know Me

Wreck of The 97

" Ripper puts spikes back in folk music. " VANCOUVER PROVINCE.

" One of the first acts I saw at the Sidewalk Cafe was Canadian Eugene Ripper playing with the inestimable Billy Ficca (Television) and seeming to be the very epitome of AntiFolk - Johnny Cash meets the Ramones "

" Ex guitar slinger for Stark Naked & The Fleshtones, now playing barbed, fast n furious folk, with a punk stance and a lyrical nod to Johnny Cash and film noir. Great stuff."


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