XION invites livesets: ◙Macronoise, Tanyny

19.00 - 22.00
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Summer open-air series of music invititations by XION label continues on the surface of the beautifully rusty boat with kitschy panorama view and entagling of a waves on the river and atmospheric, cinematic darkened sound also...

MacroNoise is Slovakia-born musician combining ethereal, melancholic electronica with touch of dark, trippy edge. With influences far from the 80’s new wave electro, through 90’s melancholy straight to today’s bass music and beyond...
→ Last released single Domovina: https://macronoise.bandcamp.com/album/domovina

Tanyny's contemporary futu-retro electronics and synth-wave aesthetics inspired production weaved from dark digi-dreams of an old arcade games. Sounds like synthesizer soundtracks for 80s movies, also influenced by so-called new-rave electro and french-touch wave, but with seemingly metal/hardcore attitude at the same time...
→ Cabin EP: https://xionlabel.bandcamp.com/album/cabin-ep


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